Discover The Sunny Dream story!

 After visiting the Maldives and hoping from an island to another, we realized that the Maldives had more to offer than just the resorts private islands and their picturesque water villas. Before our trip, we heard a lot of travelers who had visited it telling us things like “Maldives is great for honeymoon or for people who just want to relax”, “resorts activities are very expensive”, “you will get bored after 3-4 days”, “you only get to know tourist”, etc.

But our experience was completely different and one of the reasons for that is that we spend way more time in some of the islands inhabited by the locals than in the famous Maldivian resorts and because of that, we could enjoy so much things we wouldn’t be able to in the resorts.

From there, we decided to share that amazing experience with other travelers that are looking for a genuine, authentic and intense supercharged experience.

What people know about Maldives (The private resorts)

Maldives is known mainly for its expensive resorts and its water villas, Accommodation and transportation to and from Resorts are pretty expensive which limit the number of excursions and activities you can afford

Because of the man-made nature of the Resorts Islands, you don’t find much wild life or unspoiled natural landscapes on those island and in terms of culture and immersion, you get to know mainly tourists and resorts residents.

So people for whom the cultural immersion is important when they travel and/or cannot afford an unlimited holiday budget  can feel quickly bored after 3-4 days on the same beach.

What you need to know about the Maldivian local islands

Recently, the Maldivian government has allowed guest house and hotels to open in the local inhabited island which has made the destination way more affordable to the general public. Local people are extremely friendly, very welcoming and warm and they have an amazing cuisine and culture they’re eager to share with visitors and tourists.

Each local island has its own wild life which makes it different from other islands and way more interesting than resorts in terms of nature and landscapes. All Maldivian islands offer stunning white sand beaches.

On local islands a more conservative dress code is required(T-shirt and short minimum) than resorts since the population is muslim but most islands provide tourists with what is commonly called a bikini beach which is reserved for sunbathing.